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PeopleSoft, Excel VBA, Query, and Accounting Software development and automation, even report design – everything you need to make sense of your PeopleSoft Data.

nSuite is your Perfect PeopleSoft Partner

If you’re looking for highly-crafted, highly-specialized PeopleSoft Report Creation, Updates, Design, & Long-Term Support, there is literally no better partner than nSuite. It’s our bread-and-butter. We’ve worked with the whole package – nVision, Query, the Excel VBA pipeline, etc. It’s a robust tool, and we’ve plumbed its depths.

However, in the 25 years we’ve been working with PeopleSoft, we’ve honed a series of extra skills that give us an even sharper edge when it comes to making sense of your PeopleSoft Data; skills that add a wide versatility, skills that let us make your data easier to understand in many more ways.

    What We Do

    PeopleSoft Reporting

    Our bread and butter. We can take even the messiest PeopleSoft environments — with redundant and incomplete data, nightmare technical implementations, and no organizing philosophy to speak of — and clean, cut, organize, optimize, and automate that chaos into a lean, high-performing machine that churns out genius insights on every aspect of your people – and then we compile it all into a beautiful, understandable report that gets you all you need to know to make better business decisions, at a glance.

    Excel Automation

    Excel is another extremely powerful tool that can yield incredible insights for businesses just like yours – and it happens to be a crucial link in the chain for getting great data out of PeopleSoft. In years of working with it, we’ve learned every trick and hidden feature it boasts, and mastered them. If you’re sick of repetitive Excel tasks and want to automate, organize, clean up, or otherwise improve your Excel data, we’re simply the best.

    Strategy, Review, Design & Troubleshooting

    Through every phase of these projects, we’ve been simplifying, optimizing, and automating for years. We know it can be a lot of work, but we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t – we can sharpen your high-level strategy & project management, improve your environment, hone your development, tuning, security, and distribution, even work to create training for you and your employees.

    That’s not all. Having deployed multiple PeopleSoft-related projects over the course of the last three decades, we’ve got deep experience in the field on every aspect of PeopleSoft projects. We’ve seen the pitfalls and best practices for every phase, and can offer you that expertise; we are your trusted partner every step of the way.

    All of Our Services:

    Strategy Review / Design
    Project Management
    Environment review
    Environment Setup
    Environment Troubleshooting
    Report Review
    Development Reviews, Updates, and Troubleshooting
    Tuning Review / Design, Updates, and Troubleshooting
    Security Review / Design, Updates, and Troubleshooting
    Distribution Review / Design, Updates, and Troubleshooting
    Production Support
    Training Review/Design
    Training Development

    If there’s any way we can help you, please reach out. Click that button below to Contact Us. We can’t wait to get started making PeopleSoft make sense!